About Machine Factory van Rijn

Van Rijn has been an innovative supplier of a wide range of hygienic transport and filling systems since 1963. Our craftsmen are ready to design and fabricate your machines according to your wishes in our own factory located in Katwijk aan Zee.

We aim for the best quality by having our own engineering, manufacturing and assembly department. This way we can design machines customized to your specific production process.

Our goal is to optimize your production process and to achieve a maximum return on the investment.

Since 1963

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For more than 50 years, we’ve been producing machines of the highest quality. You can take a look at your diverse product range in the selection down below.

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Our company doesn’t like being idle. We take great joy in showing our visitors what projects and activities we’re up to. For this end, we’ve got a selection of our latest news item down below.


Factory acceptance test bucket line

To guarantee that the machine line works as it should, we built and tested the bucket line from scratch in our own factory.


QR code system for customers and mechanics

By placing QR codes on our machines, manuals and other information can be consulted digitally behind a secure environment.


Overhaul suction cup installation

We've overhauled a suction cup installation for a company in the flower industry. The machine is used to transport casks.