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Akzonobel – Alabastine

Background of this project

For one of its filling lines, this customer was looking for a solution that could de-nest a wide variety of buckets to replace an existing time-consuming de-nesting concept. Because of the considerable diversity and often small production runs, the bucket de-nester should reduce the setup times and easily adapt to different cycle times. In addition, the construction should be as simple and reliable as possible.

Execution of the project

The coupling between the de-nester and the filling line was developed in co-operation with the client. The filling line features a chain conveyor on which the buckets must be positioned accurately and ‘on time’. Despite the wide range of bucket dimensions, we managed to create a complete system that guarantees the desired cycle time of the line.

The result

Despite the wide variety of bucket sizes, a complete system has been installed that ensures the desired step track time. The line is also easy to operate for the Alabastine operators. The final result is a bucket denester that requires less than half the original modification time.

What Alabastine has to say about Van Rijn

The automatic bucket de-nester supplied by Van Rijn excels in its mechanical simplicity and ease of use. We can process 16 different types of bucket with this de-nester.  Because of the simple construction, we are confident that we will easily be able to process even more different types of stacked buckets in the future without any problems. The biggest gain has been achieved in reducing the setup time when changing bucket type. A series of handwheels makes this quick and easy. We have reduced setup times by 70%!

Olaf van Grinsven – Production Manager


Akzonobel – Alabastine is a well-known manufacturer of powders, pastes and liquid products for treating wood, stone, metal, tiles and grouting.

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