Factory acceptance test bucket line

In recent weeks we have built a complete bucket line for the food industry in our factory in Katwijk aan Zee. A bucket line is a complex machine line, in which many parts must be coordinated. To remedy as many teething problems as possible, the line is subjected to a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before it is delivered to the customer.

A FAT looks at different criteria. For example, the machine must be able to run the product at different speeds for a certain period of time without stopping. This is tested with all product types. In addition, the machine is converted by an operator of the customer, under the supervision of a Van Rijn technician. The seal of the buckets is also tested for tightness. Finally, the instruction for correct cleaning is given and the documentation and guidelines are checked. If all these steps have been successfully completed, the bucket line is ready for use and can be delivered to the customer.

The test revealed some minor problems, such as the communication between different (new) components. Because this was already discovered during the FAT in the factory in Katwijk, it was possible to solve this faster and cheaper than if the line had already been on location. The end result is a bucket line that is working properly and ready for delivery to the customer.

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