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Step tracks

The steps track transports bucket and makes them stop at the right position. The track can be combined with other systems like the bucket dispenser, a fill unit and other machinery.

Steps tracks for every type of bucket

Van Rijn offers several solutions for the logistical aspects of your packaging processes, including the transportation of buckets. The steps track is used to transport buckets accurately to key points in the production line. The steps track is suitable for every type of bucket: from big to small, and from round and oval to square-shaped.

Custom made steps track

The steps track consists of a frame with a chain, which is outfitted with cleats. The steps track is built in combination with several bucket-processing machines, which incluse a bucket denester, fill unit, bucket sealer, lid trailer and lid presser. The steps track ensures the bucket is exactly in the right place for the other machines to do their designated tasks. The steps track can be adjusted according to the weight of the buckets, or the designated wishes of the customer.

Safety with a compact design

The machine is outfitted with several safety measures. This way, moving parts are shielded from the operator. The design, attention for safety and choice of building material makes the Van Rijn steps track suitable for both the food- and non-food industries.

Product attributes

  • Exactly places buckets up to the millimeter
  • Easy to integrate into other machines lines
  • Suitable for light- and heavy buckets
  • Moving parts shielded off for maximum safety

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Sales Director

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    Packing & dosing

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