Fill and seal

Lid rollover

This machine is designed to close off lids in all shapes and sizes. This enables to further automate your production process and increase efficiency.

Solutions for all types of lids

Van Rijn offers the solution to closing off lids. Our lid rollover makes sure the bucket is fully sealed with the right lid. The goal of the machine is to maximize the efficiency of the production process by automating this step. The lid rollover is suitable for round, square and oval-shaped lids.

Adjustable height for every size

The machine is steplessly adjustable, which makes it fast and easy to adjust for different heights. The height adjustor is equipped with a handwheel with height indicator. This machine can be attached to every transportation system we provide, and is adjusted to work with the same speed as the rest of the system.

Safety first

The machine is equipped with a safety hood which ensures moving parts are closed off. The machine automatically shuts down when the hood is opened due to a build-in safety switch. Because of the design made by Van Rijn, it is applicable in both food- and non-food industries.

Product attributes

  • Easy to adjust for lids of every size and shape
  • Ensures the product is completely sealed
  • Available as stand-alone machine or part of a machine line

Sales Director

Martijn Hendrikse

Sales Director

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