Fill and seal

Lid trailer

The lid trailer allows for further automatization of your production line, saving both time and energy.

Lid trailers for all lid types

Van Rijn offers a wide range of automatization solutions, including an automatic system to place lids. The goal of the lid trailer is to automate your production process and thus increasing its efficiency. The lid trailer is built to accommodate a wide range of lids, including square, round and oval-shaped lids.

Custom tailored to your wishes

The machine has a lid magazine specific for that type of lid. This magazine for a different type of lid is easily changed with the use of speed couplers and star grips.

It is also possible to use an adjustable lid magazine. This is suitable for a broad range of lids in different sizes but the same shape.

Safe and broadly applicable

The machine is fitted with a lexan safety hood, safely shielding operators from the moving parts of the machine. The design with a a focus on attention to details & safety makes the machine suitable for both the food industry and non-food industries.

Product attributes

  • More efficient than manual labour
  • Accurate placement of lids
  • Available as stand-alone machine or part of a machine line
  • Removeable safety hood to cover moving parts

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Martijn Hendrikse

Sales Director

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    Packaging & dosing

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