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Bucket destacker

Our automatic bucket destacking system makes your production process as efficient as possible. This system doesn’t require the bucket to be touched from the inside, thus not letting any bacteria get inside.

Bucket destacking systems for maximum efficiency

Van Rijn offers several automatic solutions for the logistical aspect of your production process. One of these solutions is the automatic bucket destacker. This system is the very first step of automating the production line, removing the need to manually place buckets by operators.

The destacker is made for a wide range of buckets: it is suited for square, round and oval buckets, with or without handle. The system is made so it doesn’t require the interior of the buckets to be touched – this way bacteria cannot get into it that way.

Easily adjustable without tools

The machine has several settings which are fast and easy to change. This ensures a smooth and fast transition from one type of bucket to another. It also doesn’t require the usage of (machine)tools.

Safe and compact

The closed frame and adjustable safety hood makes the machine safe to operate while remaining compact.

The bucket destacker is composed of  a transportation chain, side guide, destack system, safety hood and control unit. The design and attention to safety makes the destacker usable in both the food industry and non-food industries.

Product attributes

  • Ensures a more efficient production process
  • No bacteria buildup because the inside of the bucket isn’t touched
  • Available as stand-alone machine or as part of a machine line
  • Easy to adjust for different sizes of buckers

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