Custom made

Adjustable working platform

Our adjustable ergonomic standing platform ensures a safe working height for people in every industry. This makes the job less physically taxing on the employee. This results in better working conditions and less sick leave.

Adjustable standing platforms for a safe working process

Van Rijn has designed an adjustable ergonomic step to unburden workers as much as possible during their work. With this step, it is possible to ensure the right height for work, no matter the height of the operator. This ensures minimal taxation on the body during labour. The end result of this are better working conditions and a reduction in sick leave.

Step help of the highest quality

The step help is made out of stainless steel. This makes it strong and suitable for every industry. The anti-slip pattern on the standing platform ensures maximum grip and no rist of slipping off the steps. There is also anti-slip material applied on the legs of the step, so it doesn’t move from its bedrock.

Product attributes

  • Easy to adjust
  • Solid stainless steel build
  • Non-slip standing platform

Sales Director

Martijn Hendrikse

Sales Director

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