Open frame conveyors

Open frame conveyors are an efficient and hygienic way to transport goods within your business. This conveyor belt system is highly customizable and thus perfectly suitable for all your logistical challenges.

Open frame transportation system for hygienic transport

Van Rijn offers a wide range of transport systems that can be used as an effective and reliable tool for a smooth production process. Our hygienic transporters can be used for every logistical challenge. The goal of the design is to run the production process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This includes a minimal amount of effort required to clean the system. Most industries require hand-tailored solutions, with which we’ve acquired years of experience.

Custom made open frame conveyor belt systems

The conveyor belt system with links, the link-belt transporter the way Van Rijn designed it, aims to make the production process as hygienic as possible.

An open frame conveyor belt system with links has the advantage that both straight tracks and turns can be assembled into one complete system, fitting for every factory size. A link-belt transporter thus combines the advantages of a chainbelt-transporter and a regular conveyor belt. In addition to the conveyor belt system, adding modules and systems like metal detection is easy.

A transport system with an open structure

The open structure of the linked-chain makes the transportation system very suitable for vulnerable product and foodstuffs.

The conveyor belt is built using modular plastic links with open space between them in straight tracks. In turns, kinks and return areas, the belt will contract to make this possible. Because of  the light material and open space, the belt can be easily lifted and cleaned. Thanks to the tube construction, the open belt conveyor system is very easy to clean.

Due to the focus on a hygienic design, attention to safety and by using the best materials, the open belt conveyor system is suitable for both food- and non-food industries. The open frame conveyor belt system is both applicable for packaged produce and well as non-packaged produce.

The technical possibilities of an open frame conveyor belt system

With the use of custom options, the open belt conveyor system can be enhanced with metal detection, gooseneck transporter, transporter with turns and a straight transporter.

Because of the flexible link-belt, it is possible to make a wide range of turns. Turns can vary from just 5 degrees to the ideal principle of the spiral tower. We offer conveyor belt systems in several sizes, starting at a width of 162.

Looking for exact measurements or more information regarding the possibilities? Feel free to contact us!

Product attributes

  • Easy to clean
  • Combines straight parts with corners in one system
  • Can be integrated with systems like metal detection
  • Can be custom made

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    Hygienic conveyor belts

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