Hygienic conveyor belts

Van Rijn hygienic conveyor belts

Do you work in a food processing industry and are you looking for a solution to move foodstuffs around internally while maintaining hygiene? Then we have the solution. At Machinefabriek Van Rijn you will find a wide range of hygienic conveyor belts. We have a number of standard solutions or we can design a solution especially for you.

It goes without saying that our hygienic conveyor belts meet the highest standards regarding hygiene, food safety and cleanliness. All the conveyor belts we use for food industry applications meet EU 1935/FDA/USDA 3A dairy/NSF requirements.

Made for the food industry

The Van Rijn PU conveyor belt performs excellently in our standard modules. This means we can construct a reliable hygienic conveyor quickly and easily in almost any format. At Van Rijn, we pay particular attention to the finish, the hygienic design, the welded seams, etc. and so we minimize the risk of bacterial growth from the design stage.

Highest hygiene standards

Strict food hygiene and safety requirements are imposed on the food processing industry. Over the past 60 years we have gained considerable expertise in this field at Machinefabriek Van Rijn. We have installed many special hygienic conveyor belts for foodstuffs at many food processing plants. In our transport solutions for the food processing industry we only use our special conveyor belts that meet the highest hygienic requirements.

Safety and durability

Our hygienic conveyor belts are mainly intended for transporting unpackaged perishable products such as fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, fish or cheese. These belts help you keep food safety risks to a minimum. The conveyor belts can withstand water, chemicals and oil, furthermore they do not cut easily and are very durable. The homogeneous structure of the PU conveyor belt means that delamination (material failure) is impossible.

The standard modules, such as the Van Rijn conveyor belt, make it easy to design creative transport solutions. Our conveyors are available in various formats: straight, trough-shaped or Z-shaped.

Product attributes

  • Suitable for dry- and wet surroundings
  • Smooth surface minimizes dirt buildup
  • Open constructions allows for easy cleaning
  • Custom made due to standard modules

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    Hygienic conveyor belts

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