New website of Van Rijn went live!

The last time our website has had a thorough update was in 2016. After years of using that website, it became clear that is was getting outdated and needed replacement. Just like machines, a website that gets older slows down.

Togehter with Secure Design Webdevelopment, we’ve taken a look what was required to upgrade our website to the year 2022. In order to achieve this, the following functions have been installed:

  • A secure QR code page. This enables customers and mechanics to digitally read manuals, maintenance history and more;
  • A search engine that can find every word on every page;
  • The possibility to play banner videos at the top of the page.

In addition to these new features, alot of (technical) improvements have been implemented. This includes:

  • A modern visual design;
  • Better programmed pages, plugins and blocks. This makes the page load faster and makes it easier to implement changes;
  • A better navigational structure;
  • Clearer contact options;
  • Lots of technical improvements making the website faster and more secure.

In a time where most people and companies are very active on the internet, a new website is a way to present Van Rijn to the outside world. We’re very happy with the result, and we hope our visitors are aswell!

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